Call for abstracts

Scientific Contributions will be accepted and presented as oral presentation or posters. The abstracts (please follow the guidelines) must be prepared and send online.

Abstract Submissions Open

August 30th, 2017

Abstract Submissions Deadline

February 10, 2018


Only contributions from registered participants will be published.
One author at least per submitted paper must be registered for the Colloquium; abstracts for which no authors have registered will not be included in the abstracts book. Each presenting author may submit a maximum of 2 abstracts for each topic. Contributions will be reviewed by scientific sub committees. Instructions for poster or oral presentation will be included in the notification of acceptance.


Condition of Acceptance
Authors should ensure that the abstracts are written in acceptable standard English. Please note that errors in the text will not be corrected; the content and literary standard of submitted abstracts is under the author’s responsibility.
All abstracts will initially be reviewed, graded and accepted or rejected by the sub committees: they reserve the right to determine whether a submission is accepted as oral or poster presentation, or if it has to be set in another session.


Guidelines for abstract submission
Abstracts cannot exceed 2130 characters, spaces and title included.
Titles should clearly identify the contents of the abstract.
Please indicate the presenting author where required in the template.
Please remember that authors’ names and affiliations must always be written in the same way. Authors should nominate the topic from among the 4 listed above.
Only abstracts submitted in English will be reviewed.




Dra. Edith Maldonado Castro (Mexico)



The abstract should contain the following:

a)  Title

b)  Authors

c)  Affiliations

d)  An introductory sentence indicating the purpose of the study

e)  A brief description of methods

f)  A summary of new and unpublished data

g)  A conclusion


No bibliography or images are accepted
Up to three keywords are accepted
All symbols in the text must be inserted through the insert symbol menu and not through the Symbol font.



1. Diagnostic, Immunology and Host Response

2. Map Control Programs and Epidemiology

3. Pathogenomics and Map Biology

4. Public Health and Map in the enviroment


Abstract submission.

Submit abstracts using the online template available at (no other means of sending will be accepted). All abstract submissions must be made online by the deadline.

Please note you will be asked to register once again: user name and password released in the submitting abstract procedure are different from the Congress registration procedure.


Abstract Submissions Open

August 30th, 2017

Abstract Submissions Deadline

January 31st, 2018

Deadline for Response from the scientific Committee on Proposals: February 19th, 2018