Tips to travel to Riviera Maya




The official currency is the Mexican Peso. You can use Pesos, Dollars or Euros. The suggestion is to use the local Currency (Mexican Pesos) if no option use Dollars and as a third option, euros.

Credit or Debit Cards are also accepted.

You can also use different credit or debit cards to make payments.




Electricity in Mexico is 110V ((110V / 60Hz) and the plug plugs are flat (American), although most hotels have European or mixed plugs, otherwise a simple adapter is enough

Mobile phones, cameras and any other electrical device will get charged with no transformer required, although they will take a Little bit longer to get full charge. Leaving these devices charging during the night will work perfectly.

It is advisory before your departure to assure you have the appropriate adapters you may require in your trip, make sure they can handle 110 volts (the majority are, but not all).


Vaccines & Health


No vaccination is required to enter Mexico. It is recommended to bring along basic medicine, sunscreen and a good anti-mosquito protector or mosquito repellent, especially on excursions. It is also mostly recommended to always drink only bottled water.




The Riviera Maya and Cancun areas are in general safe zones. You just follow the basic normal precautions when visiting any place: do not leave your valuables unattended, use safe-deposit boxes, it is recommended to use a minimum of jewelry, have your money distributed in different pockets and carry devices such as cameras under safe conditions, etc.


Travel outfit suggestions


Comfortable, fresh clothes, breathable summer fabrics on cotton or similar. The temperatures are usually quite high and very humid. It is recommended to have a small piece of long sleeves in case some places have the air conditioning too high or weather surprises us and the use of some raincoat is suggested. NOTE:  Even if it rains, weather will not get cold, so the only surprise may be the rain.


The dialing code


The area code for Playa del Carmen, Riviera Maya is 984. All local numbers have 7 digits, and all numbers begin with 8. If a number is written (984) 873-1234, and you are at the Riviera Maya, you must dial direct 873-1234.


The dialing code for Mexico is 52.
The area code for Playa del Carmen is 984.

From USA/CANADA Dial 011 + 52 + area code + phone number

From EUROPE Dial 00 + 52 + area code + phone number