International Convention Center Riviera Maya


World class, experienced congress venue


“The ICC Riviera Maya is a compact venue where the oral session rooms, plenary session, posters and exhibition halls are all located near one another, It can comfortably house IAP requirements under one roof, with exhibition and meeting space.


It has room for 3,000 people, 3000 m2 of showroom area, media and audio service, wireless internet for over 6,150 devices at the same time, events manager, great variety of food and beverages, open spaces for social events up to 3,000 people.




For getting around you can choose from renting a car, using taxis or using public transportation. The main car rental companies can be found in Riviera Maya and their services can be hired in their own agencies, the airport and some hotels. Taxis offer impeccable service and are available in all hotel lobbies; they do not use meters, but have set rates that are on display in all hotel lobbies. Taxis are available 24 hours a day. There are many ways of transportation at Rivera Maya. Public transport, such as buses and vans, go through all the Riviera Maya sites. Also, there are taxis that at the major touristic spots. The Riviera Maya has various means of transport, from buses that run different corners of the Riviera Maya, to the taxi services located in the main centers of attraction of the Riviera.


Conference Venue 


International Convention Center – Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya



Chetumal Km 72, Carr. Cancún – Tulum, Puerto Aventuras


77710 Guaymas, Q.R.


Tel: +1-52-984-875-1199